Development Tools and Web Applications

Currently Available:

  • PTS 2.5 - Problem Tracking System
    An open source, web-based issue tracking system which features a user-level privilege mechanism, resource time tracking, hierarchical task dependency support, persistent session handling, task file attachment upload capability, task summary reporting, Excel worksheet generation and change alert email messaging.

  • TWToolbox 1.3 - Model/View/Controller Web Application Framework for PERL
    An open source application development framework which provides HTML template parsing, customizable components, rule-based HTML form processing, database convenience methods, session management, component debug output, and an error handling notification system.

  • TWSurvey 2.8 - Web-based Survey Generation
    TWSurvey makes it possible for anyone to create a web-based survey. Surveys can be created through an interview process or by importing an HTML form to precisely define the survey appearance. Survey responses are saved in a database for analysis. The system can generate pivot table reports in HTML and Excel formats.

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