TWToolBox - A Model/View/Controller Web Framework


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TWToolBox Description

TWToolBox is an open source web application development framework. A few of of the features include:

  • HTML Template-driven user interfaces, with embedded variables and components, conditionals, loops and includes
  • XML component bindings and object attribute specifications.
  • Components can be customized on a per-use basis through XML component bindings.
  • Component debugging facility which can modify generated page to include links to pop up windows generated at runtime containing object instance dump.
  • Rules-based CGI form variable processing to minimize code required to organize form variables by function.
  • Base class which provides C++-like attribute inheritance and constructor execution.
  • Session management class for data persistence and inter-component data access.
  • Object caching mechanism.
  • Error/notice handling class which provides a means of collecting messages generated during page generation and presenting the messages in a consistent manner. Notices can be coded for severity and presented in styles determined by severity. Email generation based on severity of errors.
  • Database access functions based on DBI to simplify database operations and auto-generate where clauses.
  • Compatible with Apache and IIS, works with or without Mod_PERL.
  • Supports PERL 5.6 and 5.8.