TWTSurvey - Web-based Survey Generation

TWTSurvey Main Menu
TWTSurvey Main Menu

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TWTSurvey Description

TWTSurvey is a web-based survey generation tool. A few of of the features include:

  • Question presentation types: text field, text box, radio buttons, drop down lists, checkboxes, and scrolling lists.
  • Flexible presentation options for each question presentation type.
  • Survey questions, layout and responses are stored in a relational database.
  • Survey creation can be accomplished through an interview process or by importing an HTML document.
  • Question position resequencing capability.
  • Surveys can be configured to require identification or allow anonymous responses.
  • Survey response pivot table reports can be generated in HTML and MS Excel formats.

TWTSurvey Licensing

TWTSurvey is licensed by the server. Purchase of a license of the survey program includes a non-transferable license of the full source code for the system. Send an email to to receive a quote.