About TWT

My name is Terry Tompkins.  I’ve been writing software and researching technology-related subjects for over 30 years.  TransWeb Tools is a place to write about how things have changed since the early days of personal computing.  Other topics that will be covered include “Hello, World” examples of various development tools, and open source projects that keep me up late at night – both my own and the large collection of shiny software toys that seems to grow without end.

I first started programming on a TRS-80® in 1980, then the Apple II®, followed by an odd assortment of “home computing” devices, such as the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A®, and the Commodore 64®. I had a chance to work with the original 4.77mhz IBM PC® and since then I’ve been watching the evolution of the PC market. A lot of technology has come and gone in the last 30+ years. Of all the technology changes in computing, the web has got to be the most revolutionary change yet. Not because it represents a gigantic leap forward in technology – the term “revolutionary” is appropriate for two reasons: the web has provided nearly everyone, from auto mechanic to grandmother, with a reason to use computers; and the web has made geographical distance largely irrelevant.

I started doing research with Linux back in 1992, as an alternative to expensive commercial versions of UNIX. There was a lot missing in the fledgling operating system back then, but the potential for growth was apparent. Since then Linux has grown in capability, vendor support, and adoption by corporations and organizations worldwide.  Linux now runs data centers in some of the world’s largest companies and over 90% of the top 500 supercomputers.  All of this from a global group of collaborating developers, coordinated by Linus Torvalds – the creator of the operating system.  This is just one example of many that represent a means of pushing the technology forward at an ever-increasing pace.  Open source innovation of this nature will be a main theme for the posts on TransWebTools.com.